The man has a gun, and he knows how to use it.

It’s ironic that, in the midst of one of the worst sprees of gun violence in Indianapolis history (with a recent 8 deaths in 15 hours), the Indiana state legislature is debating loosening gun laws to allow gun owners to bring guns onto school property.

There has long been a disconnect between urban Indianapolis and rural every-where-else Indiana, and the state legislature is squarely in the rural mindset. But it’s clear from the gleeful way that people are tracking the race of victims and locations of homicides that there is a bit of the old Reagan era “it’s killing all the right people” schadenfreude going on regarding this crime wave, coming from folks outside the city, and sometimes from inside.

Sad that when Indianapolis is poised to actually become the world-class city it aspires to be, that a lack of empathy for people with few opportunities combined with rural jealousy of the big city would be the obstacle over which we trip.

RELATED: I had no idea that Ernie from Bart Lies! was still posting his right-wing screeds these days. I wonder how Bart Peterson has managed to create this crime wave when he hasn’t been in office for what – 6 years? He must be a criminal mastermind.


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